Stuff I've written over the years that may be useful to someone.

Jan 2012
Use CSS3 animations when available and fall back to jQuery on lesser browsers.
Night and Day
Oct 2011
Use device orientation to drive animations. Change from portrait to landscape on the iPhone/iPad, or the browser window's width on the Desktop (Safari/Chrome), to see the effect. Pure CSS, no images.
Mar 2010
Splits a large directory into smaller specific sized ones. Useful for CD/DVD backups. Uses hardliks, so it doesn't waste disk space. Won't split files larger than the specified media though.
Jul 2008
Tiny shell script to count repeated entries on a sorted text file
Jan 2007
Copy with a ASCII progress bar. Also fixes BSD cp trailing slash annoyance. Not very smart as it competes with cp itself for IO.
Sep 2006
Naive email regex pattern matching.
Mar 2006
Terminal TUI calculator. ASCII art and lots of free time.
Featured on: Macworld (née MacOSXHints)
Velox Autenticador
Nov 2003
A RealBasic GUI wrapper to a perl script for automating authentication to a popular Brazilian broadband service. Also, articles for setting and sharing a wired connection between Classic Mac, OS X and Windows, back when such a thing was hard.